Dac for ipod

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Dac for ipod

Amongst the modding audiophile community there is a small band of people who are after the best possible sound from their portable audio players. The concept is simple, bypass all the poor quality SMD components and feed the DAC Digital to Analog Convertor output directly in to an external high quality headphone amp. While the concept is simple, execution is another matter — The player needs to be opened up and the DAC output needs to be wired to the nearest conveniant output connector, most people opting to use redundent pins on the docking ports.

To maintain the quality that you are trying to achieve this means using bulky audio grade capacitors which would never fit inside the player, hencing leading to special docking connector, etc, etc, etc. The quality of his workmanship was so good I invited him to write an article about it. After spending many days looking for my mp3 player, I decided to buy the 30Gb 5. The first thing I did when I received my iPod was to install Rockbox.

Using Rockbox is fun.

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I can manually transfer songs without any additional software. Some of the Rockbox features are great: FLAC Support, equalizer, cross fader, user-definable interface, and gapless playback. I wanted very much to replace the hard disk with a memory card.

The fall in prices of Compact Flash cards was the opportunity to have a nice mp3 flash player with 32 Gb of memory. I was not disappointed! The build quality is excellent and this adapter fits perfectly into the iPod. Installing the iFlash adapter and the CF card into the iPod is very easy. Be careful not to damage the iPod when opening it. This mod truly rocks : the user interface is smoother and there is no waiting normally caused by the hard drive.

I spent some serious time reading the Apple diyMod thread on the Head-Fi forum.

dac for ipod

The author Joneeboi has done a very good and interesting job. The Black Gates have probably the best size to performance ratio. The disadvantage of this method is that there is not a good way of playing the iPod through the line-out without building a custom dock connector.

The iFlash adapter is the solution to performing the audiophile hardware hack with internal caps. When you replace the hard drive with the iFlash adapter, you have enough space to fit two capacitors.

The advantage is that you have a really portable diyMod iPod that can be used with a regular line out dock. You will find all the information you need and links to excellent tutorials. You need a temperature controlled soldering iron with fine conical tip. After opening the 5g iPod, you need to separate the logic board from the front panel. Next, you have to route the wires from the pads near the DAC to the pads near the dock. The goal is to route the audio signal from the DAC to the internal capacitors then to the dock connector.

You need to use a very thin cable. I used 30 AWG single strand wire. Of course, be careful when soldering anything.

You have to find the best path for your wires that do not prevent the closing of the front panel. Make sure that the wires are not too close to the clickwheel.

I used a little hole on the board to route the wires from the DAC. I was obliged to drill the back of the front panel just enough for the thickness of the wires. There is a space near the clickwheel ribbon where the wires could be routed to the dock pads.

I used adhesive to secure the wires down the specified path. There is more wiring than the classic diyMod with external caps because the caps must be connected on the other side of the board.

dac for ipod

The two caps are inserted from side to side the ZIF conector, it was the only location that I could have enough space.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts.

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Members Current visitors. Log in. See what changes are coming soon to AVForums in our next big update. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter indus Start date Apr 12, Tags ipod ipod touch. Hi I'm looking to improve the sound quality from my ipod touch. I had a Pioneer xdp 30r for a few days and though the sq was excellent its wifi and interface with tidal were pretty awful.

I also think it wouldn't have let me download directly onto it for listening off line. On top of that my new headphones have added functions that only work with apple devices.

Thanks very much.

I have gone away from the Apple world at this stage ,but still retain an iPad Bluntly if you want to stay within the apple infrastructure, your options are limited, and probably revolve about buying a new iPhone or new iPad. Again I am not a tidal user. I'm with Deezer, but the interfaces by the streaming services for the major brands of phones are always better supported than for the niche products. So I would expect tidal to be more user friendly on a iPhone or an android than on a minority product which the Pioneer must be.

Hi I have a Samsung S8 but have never listened to music on it. I always assumed it would sound worse than an ipod touch. As the teacher says. Your phone does hi Res and flac, so yes easily outperform the itouch. One great feature of these Samsung's is that they can adjust the sound to each ear,and therefore compensate for inaccurate earphone and ear frequency response.

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The machine then works out your response, with that headphone and readjusts the sounds to compensate. It makes a real difference. Whether you feel any need for an external DAC then is up to you. It's battery is good for 30 hrs continued playing Note I say believe the quality is better from the Sony rather than knowing it as a fact.

And remember your S8 is a later and better model so they will be very closely matched for overall quality. It ensures that the phone battery is retained for browsing and phoning.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Luthus Start date Apr 15, Post 1 of Luthus New Head-Fier. Joined Apr 9, Messages 21 Reaction score Joined Apr 9, Posts 21 Likes Any recommendable upgrades between iPC and Momentums is appreciated.

I am aware amp shouldn't be required by Momentums love themI just love the idea of holding a stack and controlling my volume with a knob. Share This Post. Apr 15, at PM. Post 2 of I would just stick with the DAC in your iPod. The 7th gen has a very reputable Wolfson DAC in there. I would invest in an amp but seeing as the momentums have pretty low impedance you can easily drive it with your iPod.

Not sure if the price would justify a DAC upgrade. Post 3 of People do say the DAC is sufficient enough to be left as the last upgrade. I use iPC because I like reliable software and easy management of playlist, along with the ability to rate my songs, and the nice chunk of disk space.LOG IN. I am not up with the latest HiFi standards.

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I sold the system years ago and I am now looking to buy a less expensive HiFi system. My whole music library now is on our Ipod's and iPad's. What do I need to get music from them? Do I need a DAC? I dont know anything about them. They sound like those line conditioners, whatever they are Thanks for your help jeff.

You can simply run the ipod's headphone out into one of the Caspian's line inputs. The cable like this from Belkin is all you need. If you want the best sound however you'll need to dig a little deeper and go the dac route.

You can connect the airport express directly to your amp line ins using supplied cable. The sound will not be that great since the DAC used in the Airport Express is medicore at best, but it will work great. Further down the road you can invest into some high quality DAC and utilise Airport Express TosLink digital out instead of the analog outs.

You can also get one of the iPod docks available Wadia i springs to mind but then you will not have the wireless capability. Sound wise the dock will be slightly better though. By using a ipod docking cable to RCA connectors, such as found at ramelectronics. Has the supposed audio benefit over the headphone output. The cool thing about them is you can control the ipod sitting in your easy chair wirelessly sending signal to device connected via rca or mini plug to your stereo. Down side it does not charge your ipod at the same time.

Some wired docks will as your ipod sits in the cradle. Of course better sound may be had as you move up the chain with dedicated DAC's. Audio Advisor. Let your ears be the best judge. Great advice, but ouch! Wireless control from a iPhone, etc. I'm not sure if there's still any floating around, but you may want to try finding an Apple TV Gen 1. The have an internal hard drive that can store your music on limited to gb.

Since you have iTunes and iPad etc, you can control it wirelessly with the remote app. No need for the computer to be running. Or you can get an Apple TV 2, and do almost the same thing. Problem is the ATV2 doesn't have the internal hard drive, so you'd have to stream to it, either from your computer or through AirPlay not sure exactly how that one works.

The second issue I have with the ATV2 is that it outputs everything at 48 instead of the native That tells me it's changing the music slightly. Not sure if it's truly audible or not, but it rubs me the wrong way. With either, you're best off using an internal DAC.Got a dumb question. By that I mean, why the extra step It seems to me one can skip a step with all the expense of an unneeded iDOC and make the idea simpler Does anyone make something like that?

The iPod onboard DAC is not horrible and makes the use of a standard dock with line out capability a viable solution. IIRC, the analog outs on an iPod are not wonderful. The Wadia is the only turn key solution that takes the digital output of an iPod directly to feed to a DAC, making it the equivalent of playing back a file from a computer hard drive by way of a DAC. Apple keeps the digital output locked down and other than Wadia has never authorized access to it.

The Peachtree iDecco integrated amplifier does just this, I believe. I will be reviewing this in the October issue. I've got another dumb question. If not, what are they doing in Stereophile?

Problem is they cannot store very many of them. You set the chosen file format in iTunes Preferences menu. The tradeoff is that you can pack fewer songs on to any particular device but with the GB iPod not being very expensive, that hardly seems a problem these days.

ETA: If you use lossless coding, which does not affect the sound quality in any fashion unless your equipment is broken, you can double that, give or take. I'm assuming that when transferring each CD, I play it on the computer and a program automatically labels each track for the IPOD which can simultaneously be backed up by an external hard drive.

Is this the way it's done? I guess the above math is not bad at all. I have never put anything but full format wav files in any of my Ipods. If you use a good pair of cans, say at least a pair of Grado 60's or some of the better earbuds, why would you use any lossy format for playback? Even if you have a 20 gig HD you could pack over 20 albums in full format. That should easily be enough for casual listening on the run.

If you rip your CDs with iTunes make sure you have Error Correction checked in Preferences and Apple Lossless selected as your preferred formatwhen you insert a CD in your computer's drive, iTunes looks up the title and track information from the Gracenote online database. It then adds all the metadata tags to each file. Missed this question yesterday. No, iPods cannot store and playback files with a sample rate greater than 48kHz.


That has the same problem as the Wadia. I am not sure what your objection to the Wadia is. But no, I am not aware of a product available that combines an iPod dock that extracts the data in digital form with an integral DAC. I am sorry, I have no objection to the Wadia My question had to do with its required 2 box solution Imagine a nice DAC like a Dac Magic or even less pricey that was designed for one job,to dock an iPOD so as to take its digital signal and convert it for use in a system.

I figure there is a market for such a device amongst folk who like the ease and convenience and price of an iPOD over the complexity and cost of a PC based system yet want at least CD quality sound from the thing. The Wadia solution is two box and drives the price up a bit much for some of us.NEVER MISS IMPORTANT NEWS SUBSCRIBE TO THIS WEBSITE VIA EMAIL Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. That was the case last year when Denny Hamlin edged out Martin Truex Jr.

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dac for ipod

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Modding: Audiophile meets iPod (diyMod)

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